Hand Warts Have To Be Addressed Instantly Or They Will Propagate Speedily

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Raw Potato - A raw potato can help you eliminate a wart without spending a fortune on a doctor. Cut a raw potato, then rub the exposed part on the wart. This should be done every four to six hours, and within two weeks the wart should be gone, or at least showing a lot of improvement.

Now for some methods for how to to get rid of warts on hands. Many people swear by surgical techniques such as cryosurgery (freezing) or excision (removal with a scalpel), or heating methods to kill warts. These standard methods are definitely worth considering because they remove or kill warts quickly, particularly the scalpel method. However, because they rely on trained physicians such approaches will have a significant cost and can require repeat treatments. By their very nature they are also quite intrusive for the body and so may require some time for the skin in the vicinity of the wart to recover.

In order to use vitamin C as an effective method for the removal of warts, crush several vitamin C tablets. Apply these directly to the wart. Cover the growth with an adhesive bandage. Do this for several days. You'll discover that the growth will disappear in a relatively short period of time. Although this method comes with the approval of several highly qualified doctors, it does not come without risk. Vitamin C -- in its ascorbic acid form -- may irritate your skin. It is the same high acidity of ascorbic acid of vitamin C that can kill the wart-producing virus. Although it may not bother all people, test this method out slowly. Apply the vitamin C to your wart for a short period of time to see how well you skin takes it. You should also try to cover only the wart with the crushed supplement.

Since a wart is caused by a virus, it is contagious and can spread from one person to another through physical contact. The virus can also be passed onto others if they use a towel or other objects that had come in contact with a person's wart. The virus can enter into the body through a cut or small opening in the skin and develop into a wart.

The truth is that warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are even different types of warts. Unfortunately the most known about are probably genital warts. These warts, exactly like they sound, appear on the genitals. The second most commonly known about warts are probably plantar warts. These warts are the warts that tend to be found on the bottom of feet. There are also home remedies to get rid of warts on hands, which tend to be found on the hands and fingers and flat warts which tend to be found on the face.

The real key to permanent wart removal is getting to the root of the wart and destroying the virus permanently. Most wart medicines deal with destroying the visible wart tissue but do nothing to destroy the virus, leaving you still susceptible to getting more warts. This potent essential oil, when applied properly, is your best option for a lasting wart cure.

If your warts seem stubborn and home remedies do not seem to work, you may need to consider a painful and least destructive method to get rid of them. Liquid nitrogen therapy, also known as wart freezing, can destroy warts and prevent them from reoccurring. It is mildly painful and effective but it may require you to undergo repeated treatments.

You need to be careful to keep warts on hands from infecting other parts of your body. One thing you must remember is to never pick at your warts. This will spread the virus quickly. Don't use fingernail clippers to clip off the wart. Never chew your fingernails when you have warts present. Since this virus thrives in a warm and moist environment it is important that you keep your hands as dry as possible.

If you are suffering from plantar warts you should be aware and take precautions not to spread the virus on to other people. Never share shoes or socks with other people and keep the planter wart covered with a plaster. If you do go swimming or use communal showers you should keep the wart covered to eliminate spreading the virus.

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